Performance Coaching is designed to help you accomplish or master a single specific skill or learning objective, such a building a successful Facebook ad campaign, communicating more effectively, creating a marketing plan, developing a past client follow campaign, changing a habit, or whatever you would benefit from most. This type of coaching can be thought of more like one-on-one training. It is a very directive type of coaching. Your objective is to learn how to do X. You and your coach will carefully define the goal, and your coach will tell you exactly what steps to take —and more importantly, hold you accountable to achieving each step.

When you have each step completed, they will work with you toward the next step. This type of coaching is focused on helping you accomplish one specific thing. It does not ask if this is the right thing for you to be doing, or how mastering this skillset fits into your big picture goals.

The time frame for this type of coaching is short term. Normally lasting one to six months. What you are paying for is the expertise of the coach so that your learning curve is dramatically shorter. This is a great choice if you have a specific task that you want to learn or improve. The more specific you are in defining exactly what you wNt to accomplish the better this type of directive coaching/training works. Depending on the subject, the coaching sessions can run from 15 minutes up to 90 minutes long. They may be once or twice a week, or twice a month.

This type of coaching works very well for agents who are good at following directions, and do not get too hung up on why they are doing it. That will come once you have mastered the skill set. This type of coaching will push you out of your comfort zone. It is by far the fastest way to master a skill. You will often get decades of understanding in a short period of time. You can also learn many of these skills from an online training course or live seminar. Many people tell me that with the one-on-one coaching they tend to learn more, they can ask questions, ask for a few minutes to process the information or role play it one more time. Many people take another route, they take an online course and then sign up for a few one-on-one coaching sessions to cement the learning and learn how to apply it to their specific needs.

This type of coaching does not work when you have a personality mismatch between a person’s core personality/values and the skill set they want to master. Over the last 30 years, many agents have come to me and asking me to coach them on how to close more aggressively. I have worked with some of the great real estate closers on the planet like Ralph Roberts from Detroit, who was averaging 600 transaction sides a year in his heyday. I can teach you exactly what he says. You could memorize his script, but what I cannot teach you is how to say it, with the charisma that Ralph does.

After working with some of the great closers on the planet I have come to understand what they say is not the key because they all say something totally different. What matters is how they say it and the interaction of their personality, charisma and brand credibility in their market. I cannot teach you how to have the same credibility that Fredrik Eklund has. He has become the top agent in the United States through a combination of starting in Bravo’s highly rate TV show “Million Dollar Listing New York”, a charming personality, and a powerful personal presence that comes from being drop dead handsome. Instead of trying to be like Fredrik, or learn how to close like Fredrik, you would be much better served by trying to figure out how to bring YOUR unique skills and traits together to help you close better.

I recently had a wonderful lady call me up and tell me she wanted me to coach her on setting up and managing a Facebook advertising campaign. She told me she had her credit card out and was ready to start. Fortunately, before I took her money I asked her, “How comfortable are you with computers and technology?” She said she hated computers and technology.

I told her, “I cannot help you. I could take your money but it would be a waste of your time, because to learn how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign, you have to master a lot of technology, you are going to have to understand how to use online analytics, market segmentation, ad variation, split testing retargeting and conversion pages—all before you can run even a single effective $10 Facebook ad. I told her for people who do not enjoy technology, they would be much better off just hiring someone to run a Facebook campaign for them.


Performance Coaching is normally between $150 and $250 an hour depending on the topic covered. It will save you countless hours trying to figure it out yourself. The ROI is truly outstanding.

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